About Us

Big Blue was established with love in 1996 as a Greek family business.  A team of young people with love for sports and the natural simple life of the beach is the heart of the center. The center is located in front of Natura Park Vilage Hotel on the East coast of the Island, just 5 km from Kos town.

Side shore wind and flat water close to the shore makes it ideal for beginner and  intermediate wind surfers. The swell and chop on the outside is perfect for good windsurfers to get some air and try free style maneuvers.

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The Spot For You

Close to hotels

Perfect For Families

Near The City

Freeride Windsurfing Conditions

The Gear



1 Week


Fanatic Windsurfing Goya Windsurfing Boards and rigs are from year 2022 and 2023

3 sessions



1 Week


Windsurfing boards and rigs

1 board , 2 rigs
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